Image: Domino Boombox

Just some of things that have rung in our shell likes this week...

The Sleeping Years – We’re Becoming Islands One By One (Rocket Girl)
Easy Rider soundtrack
Mogwai – The Hawk is Howling
The Best Of The Flamingos
Glasvegas – Glasvegas
Julian Cope – Fried
Ethiopiques -The Very Best of Ethiopiques: Hypnotic Grooves from the Legendary Series
David Bowie - Hunky Dory
All Night Radio - Spirit Stereo Frequency
Archers of Loaf – Icky Metal
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
Volcano! - Paperwork
Yo Majesty ‘Club Action' on Jo Whiley’s Radio Show
Bobby Charles – Bobby Charles
Quasi – Featuring Birds
Orange Juice – Glasgow School
Clinic – new DFA Remix
Liquid Liquid - Optimo Remixes
TV On The Radio – Dear Science

Other Things We Enjoyed This Week:

Yo Majesty shout out on Jo Whiley: ”Yo Majesty are totally real – I choked on those notes

Domino in The Guardian Talking about the Domino office: "Even (Laurence) Bell's desk is here, its only distinguishing feature being the light-up Domino logo that the staff had made for his 40th birthday. He switches it on when he's here, says Maloney, "like raising the flag for the queen".

Merchant bankers at the Mercurys Music Awards Story:
“It's coming to something when the most rock 'n' roll moment of a Mercury Music Prize evening is a bunch of merchant bankers behaving worse than the musicians or the hacks. But such were the scenes at last night's event at Grosvenor House hotel. During one of the acoustic tracks, some corporate types continued braying to each other - to the annoyance of nearby tables and musicians. The Mirror's Gavin Martin and Alun Palmer stepped up to the mark and politely asked the riotous group to pipe down. The pair were rewarded for their efforts by a bread roll being lobbed in Gavin's direction. It was then followed by a group of the refreshed bankers emptying an ice bucket of water over Alun. Cue the arrival of a phalanx of bouncers to bundle the miscreants away. As one wag put it: "The bankers thought they were being like Chumbawamba. They were more like Chump-awambas."

News of a release of the seminal 1980 anti-Thatcherite dub reggae film Babylon on DVD.

Dick Cavett & Woody Allen discuss particle physics: