Image: Cheap line drawing of VG's face
In 1983, director Eric Mitchell cast Vincent Gallo in his independent film "THE WAY IT IS." Vincent would later be tapped by Mitchell to score the film. Recognizing his talents and acute knowledge of tape recording techniques, Mitchell also bestowed the score's engineering duties to this 22-year-old monophonic wizard. With 4 previous short film scores under his belt, Gallo went to work with his array of vintage instruments and recording gear to produce a brooding, at times surreal, score for the film. It would be the world's first glimpse of Vincent Gallo as a solo artist. The score is a collection of beautiful melodies and multi-tracked guitar work reminiscent of classical Italian pieces. Some tracks seem to hark back to influences from the earlier BOHACK recording with brief (sometimes 60 seconds or less) tracks utilizing repetitive, yet sparse melodies on piano woven around static rim shots or simple rhythmic beats. Other songs explore somewhat deeper moods with the characteristic sounds of Gallo's vintage Gibson guitars layered into multiple tracks and playing off each other in an almost conversational manner. One track in particular, "And A Colored Sky Colored Grey," interestingly reappears in slightly altered form including vocals 14 years later on the soundtrack to "Buffalo 66." In the song Gallo professes his inescapable tag as the "Lonely Boy" forever destined to be the chairman of the lonely-hearts club. Hearing the instrumental take of this track on "THE WAY IT IS" makes one realize that the lyrics were always there. The guitar notes expressed the words to this song just as clearly in 1984 as they would in the 1990s when Gallo applied his vocals to the song.