Image: Night Moves Single Announcement

Minessota three piece Night Moves released their debut album in the USA last fall, and the record hits the shops in the UK on March the 18th.

They have kindly compiled a playlist, which incorpares key influences from the likes of The Grateful Dead, Todd Rundgren, John Cale and Townes Van Zandt.

Micky Alfano from the band talks about his choices below.

“I sat in my bed while I came up with this mix. Both my cd shelf and my record shelves are somewhat visible from it. Certain records and CDs gave me ideas of other similar artists to use and some of the artists I wanted to use weren't on Spotify yet. I hope you enjoy.”

John Cale - Macbeth

This felt like a good opening track. It's one of my favorite songs by him and I feel like it's pretty different from a lot of his other music. It almost gives me a ELO vibe..

J LO and Ja Rule - I'm Real

I loved this song in middle school. Maybe it was the flute keyboard tone? Maybe it was Jennifer Lopez's absurd lyrics(I doubt she even wrote them) but something about this made me wish I was Ja Rule and I had a lady by my side like J Lo. I originally had the dirty version on this mix but it didn't quite take me back to my grade school day's like the way the censored one does.

Os Mutantes - Ave Lucifer

My parents had their greatest hits floating around my childhood home for a couple years before it grabbed my attention. I've never been as into the "Bat Macumba" vibe they had. The weird song structures grabbed me, the crazy sounding instruments grabbed me. Anyway, this song is wild. It feels like music like this can't be made anymore, or you would have to go into outer space to make it happen.

Todd Rundgren - Never Never Land

My first Rundgren love was "A Wizard A True Star". The insanity of the opening track International Feel and how it evaporates into this is amazing. I love short(er) in between  songs that connect albums and boy did he do a marvelous job on this one. I think this is a cover from a disney movie?

Allen Toussaint and the Stokes - Poor Boy Got To Move

I picked up a double cd of songs that Allen Toussaint produced and recorded and all of it is amazing. This track and the b side(coming up after Geeshie) were on a 45 released on Alon records in 1965. Apparently this is the first time Allen sang on one of his songs?

Geeshie Wiley - Last Kinda Words

This summer when I was up north spending some time in Ely, Minnesota I came across a essay by John Jeremiah where he writes about researching this song for a separate essay. He was having trouble deciphering  some of the lyrics, so he made some phone calls and ended up getting in contact with John Fahey. I'm a big Fahey nut so hearing him describe what an amazing song this is made me really wanna look into it. I'm glad I did, Geeshie, while not as prolific as Skip James, Charley Patton or some of the other greats should not be overlooked.

Allen Toussaint and The Stokes - Go Back home

Beautiful. I've talked enough about this in the prior Toussaint song notes. I need to find one of these 45's on ebay.

The Zombies - Hung Up On A Dream

Being a big british pop music fan in high school made finding The Zombies Odessey and Oracle feel like the holy grail of 60's pop music. The whole record is so great but if I had to choose a favorite track it would be this,

Todd Rundgren - You don't have to camp around

Another in between track from A wizard.. Simple, pretty, what more do you need.

Michael Hurley - Hog Of the Forsaken 

First off let me say that I hate that you see a deadwood soundtrack cd cover when you play this but spotify doesn't have the original album in their database so this is as good as it's going to get. Second off, man these vocals(ha), I love em. Hurley is amazing and he makes it happen even if this song is lil out of his range. But that's what makes it so good! I've listened to this a lot and never really paid that close of attention to the lyrics so I have no idea what this song is actually about. Sometimes it's nice feeling that way about a song.

Grateful Dead - China Cat Sunflower 

When Night Moves went out on the road with Lord Huron last october I decided to put both the live 69 dead and 72 live in Europe albums on my iPod. On long driving stretches (especially at night)  it was great listening to 3 solid hours of the Grateful Dead. This song really stood out to me the way the guitar line keeps going around in circles. It feels like this could've gone on for a lot longer then it does.

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind. 

That voice, that guitar tone. man. Etta is amazing and everything about this song is too. It's wild when someone's voice actually makes you believe everything they're saying. This song feels that way to me. Gorgeous.

Townes Van Zandt - Big Country Blues

There's about 100 Townes songs that I would've loved to put on this mix but I've had this song on my mind a lot lately with touring and such. Townes is one of my favorite songwriters of all time and It's amazing hearing these original sessions from 1966 before he was signed showing how developed he already was, this sounds like music he would continue to make for the next 30 years.

Nico - Somewhere There's A feather

Nico was another musician my parents played around the house a lot when I was young. I hated her at first along with Neil Young and Nick Drake(these are the 3 that stick out in my mind that I've come to really like). It's great that your music tastes expand and develop as you get older. That feeling of suddenly understanding and wanting to hear something that you never cared about in the past, or having an old favorite become obsolete, "Man, why do I own every NOFX cd that's ever come out...?" I'm ramblin' but I think Nico's voice and the orchestral arrangement are beautiful and this felt like a fitting way to end the mix.