Junior Boys | REWIG35 | Released: 12/11/07

Image: Last Exit Reissue Packshot

On Last Exit, Ontario Canada based Jeremy Greenspan and his collaborators Matt Didemus and Johnny Dark dared to mix 80’s retro pop with minimalist UK garage, two-step and electronica. What make the album truly unique are Jeremy’s gently vulnerable vocal hooks, which glide over synthesiser melodies creating a sensuous, melancholic and very human sound. With influences as diverse as Hall & Oates, Japan and Timbaland, Last Exit is one of the most sublime albums of 2004, a lost classic that demands to be revisited.

Since 2004, Johnny has left to concentrate on other musical projects. Jeremy and Matt have released the universally acclaimed second album So This Is Goodbye on Domino (2006) and continue to win over a worldwide audience with their mesmeric live show.


Image: Last Exit Reissue Packshot

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