Psapp | REWIG36 | Released: 19/11/07

Image: Tiger My Friend Reissue Packshot

Originally released in 2004, Domino is pleased to announce the reissue of Psapp’s debut album, Tiger, My Friend, on November 19th.

London based duo Psapp - composed of Galia Durant (vocals, keyboards, violin, noises) and producer extraordinaire Carim Clasmann (guitar, noises, wizardry and magic, who has previously worked with Einstürtzende Neubauten amongst others) - explore the world with a childlike curiosity. Their endearing songs are built around delicate melodies, plucked violins and found sounds - squeaky toys, samples of cats, family members and the street where they live. Lyrically exploring everyday themes of insecurity, loneliness and disappointment, this gentle and honest album has a distinctly light and airy feel. As with all of Psapp’s releases, the artwork was illustrated by cat-obsessed Galia. Tiger, My Friend is a classic electronic pop album of clever and subtle experimentation, a unique record that demands to be heard.

Since the release of Tiger, My Friend, Psapp’s music has often been heard on hit US TV shows Nip/Tuck and the OC; the duo’s track ‘Cosy In The Rocket’ was also the theme song to Grey’s Anatomy. In 2006 Domino released their second LP The Only Thing I Ever Wanted, after which Psapp toured the US, the UK and Europe enthralling audiences with their quirky and unique live show.


Image: Tiger My Friend Reissue Packshot

REWIGCD36 | Out now

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  • 01. Northdown Flat B1
  • 02. Rear Moth
  • 03. Leaving In Coffins
  • 04. Clam Down
  • 05. Velvet Pony
  • 06. About Fun
  • 07. Curuncula
  • 08. King Kong
  • 09. The Counter
  • 10. Chapter
  • 11. Tiger, My Friend