The Triffids | REWIG27 | Released: 06/04/08

Image: the black swan
The Black Swan is the record that has traditionally split Triffids fans and caused countless arguments in the kitchen at parties. Like Dylan's Self Portrait folks either love it or loathe it. The reissue is unlikely to settle any arguments but it at least sees to completion one of David McComb's explicitly stated wishes regarding the band's back catalogue.

The Black Swan was meant to be The Triffid's White Album - unfeasibly eclectic, in keeping with the songwriter's mood at the time - he was stretching out like there was no tomorrow and be it hip hop, Greek music, tango, country rock or even his own early songs, no style of music was safe from plunder.

The double album Dave had hoped to unleash was pared back to a more commercially sensible single album by less adventurous souls, though it was still wonderfully diverse, especially by the standards of the times. Produced by Stephen Street, Dave and the band's extensive period of demoing his swag of songs with the assistance of collaborators such as James Paterson, Adam Peters, Victor Van Vugt and Stephen Street himself, bore some remarkable fruit.

But missing the chance to have thrown down an even bigger gauntlet to those of his peers who thought they harboured an impressive array of influences and had shown mastery of the same, gnawed away at Dave it seems, for he sent a message to the rest of the band in the early nineties including his wish to "restore The Black Swan to the sprawling, messy masterpiece it promised to be". It never happened during his lifetime but we're pleased to report that David's mandate from beyond the grave has finally been carried out. And, by the way, he was a huge fan of Self Portrait too.

Graham Lee
The Triffids
2 X CD

Image: the black swan

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  • Disc 01

  • 01. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
  • 02. American Sailors
  • 03. Falling Over You
  • 04. Goodbye Little Boy
  • 05. Bottle Of Love
  • 06. Go Home Eddie
  • 07. The Spinning Top Song
  • 08. Butterflies Into Worms
  • 09. Can't Help Falling In Love
  • 10. New Years Greetings
  • 11. Good Fortune Rose
  • 12. Shell Of The Man
  • 13. One Mechanic Town
  • 14. Jack's Hole
  • 15. Black-Eyed Susan
  • 16. You Minus Me
  • 17. The Clown Prince
  • 18. Fairytale Love
  • 19. How Could I Help But Love You
  • Disc 02

  • 01. Too Hot To Move, Too Hot To Think
  • 02. American Sailors
  • 03. Why Don't You Leave For Good This Time
  • 04. Bottle Of Love
  • 05. The Spinning Top Song
  • 06. Butterflies Into Worms
  • 07. New Years Greetings
  • 08. Good Fortune Rose
  • 09. One Mechanic Town
  • 10. Jack's Hole
  • 11. Black-Eyed Susan
  • 12. You Minus Me
  • 13. The Clown Prince
  • 14. Fairytale Love
  • 15. (You've Got) A Funny Way Of Showing You Love Me
  • 16. No More After You
  • 17. In The Dark
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