Fire Engines | REWIG20 | Released: 24/09/05

Image: Codex Teenage Premonition

Codex Teenage Premonition features fifteen exclusive tracks that capture perfectly the raw teenage energy of one the most influential and unique British bands of the last twenty five years. The album features tracks recorded at their very first show at Leith Community Centre on 16th March 1980 together with un released studio versions of tracks that would later appear on their debut single and mini album. The Fire Engines, in keeping with the punk spirit, lasted a mere eighteen months but in that short time produced a handful of records that sounded, even now, like nothing else around.


Image: Codex Teenage Premonition

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  • 01. Sympathetic - Anaesthetic
  • 02. Get Up And Use Me
  • 03. Hungry Beat
  • 04. Everythings Roses...
  • 05. The Untitled One
  • 06. (Clip)
  • 07. Meat Whiplash
  • 08. Discord
  • 09. The Things In Cartons
  • 10. Plastic Gift
  • 11. Get Up And Use Me
  • 12. Hungry Beat
  • 13. The Untitled One
  • 14. Insert Yourself
  • 15. Discord