Orange Juice | REWIG19 | Released: 23/07/05

Image: Orange Juice - glasgow school

Scottish bands like Belle & Sebastian, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, and Jesus and Mary Chain will all concur: If it were not for Orange Juice in the late 70s and early 80s, they would not sound the way they do. Their musical environments would have a limited, London/Manchester-built landscape. Their artist manifestos would have read like the Sex Pistols liner notes. Their outlook on punk, art, pop, and the space where music meets commerce would have been drastically different. Orange Juice were revolutionary innovators, both musically and commercially. They were "indie" before "indie" was a word, and their subtly provocative sound and image was unlike anything anyone had ever heard. And while they never really landed a big hit, or made their way across the pond with much fanfare, their offspring most certainly did. One listen to The Glasgow School will throw the floodgates wide open. Their delicate melodies, disco basslines, and sexy masc/fem ambiguity were unlike anything anyone had ever heard - and to this day, they resound with timelessness.


Image: Orange Juice - glasgow school

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  • 01. Falling and Laughing
  • 02. Moscow
  • 03. Moscow Olympics
  • 04. Blue Boy
  • 05. Lovesick
  • 06. Simply Thrilled Honey
  • 07. Breakfast Time
  • 08. Poor Old Soul (part one)
  • 09. Poor Old Soul (part two)
  • 10. Louise Louise
  • 11. Three Cheers For Our Side
  • 12. (To Put It In A) Nutshell
  • 13. Satellite City
  • 14. Consolation Prize
  • 15. Holiday Hymn
  • 16. Intuition Told Me (part one)
  • 17. Intuition Told Me (part two)
  • 18. Wan Light
  • 19. Dying Day
  • 20. Texas Fever
  • 21. Tender Object
  • 22. Blokes On 45
  • 23. I Don't Care