Wild Beasts | RUG298 | Released: 28/06/08

Image: Devil's Crayon

The Devil’s Crayon, released on June 30th, is the first single taken from Wild Beasts’ debut album, Limbo, Panto (June 16th).

The Devil’s Crayon sees Tom Fleming swap vocals duties with usual lead singer Hayden Thorpe. With its refrain of "We are so many tiny pieces" and Tom’s yearning delivery, the song shimmers in widescreen around a sense of location, melody and wonder at the scale of things. The Devil's Crayon sounds like the theme song to a new kind of very English, (probably un-filmable) road movie.


Image: Devil's Crayon

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  • Side 1
    01. The Devil's Crayon
  • Side 2
    01. Treacle Tin