Junior Boys | RUG251 | Released: 01/01/07

Image: Dead Horse sleeve

The 'Dead Horse EP' contains reminders of two of 'So This Is Goodbye''s key tracks: the urgent, lascivious 'In The Morning' with its breathy rhythm track and synth arpeggios reminiscent of house pioneer Jamie Principle; and the silvery hymn to lost innocence, 'Like A Child' - the best song The Pet Shop Boys never wrote.

Then there are a set of remixes that pull Junior Boys' music back out to the margins of its territory. Second-wave Detroit techno alchemist Carl Craig takes 'Like A Child' on a sleek bullet-train ride through the industrial zone. Dubstep auteur Kode 9 hollows out the paranoid spaces between the beats of 'Double Shadow'. And Hot Chip - probably Junior Boys' closest musical contemporaries - subvert 'In The Morning' with their own mournful refrain and a sprinkling of moog magic.