Lou Barlow | RUG343 | Released: 28/09/09

Image: the right packshot - single

The Right, released on 28th September, is the first single taken from Lou Barlow’s forthcoming second album (under his own name), Goodnight Unknown. (October 5th).

Featuring the Melvins’ Dale Crover on drums and Lou’s long time collaborator Imaad Wasif on additional guitars, Goodnight Unknown is a record of short, immediate, melodic pop songs, which Lou describes as ‘more dense and energetic in execution’ than his debut, Emoh.  

Perhaps the most beautifully infectious track from the album, The Right is timeless and uplifting, reminiscent of an end of Summer roadtrip. Lovely.

The Right will be released on 7” (RUG323) and via mp3 (RUG323D). Tracklisting is as follows:

A – The Right

B – Author


Image: the right packshot - single

RUG343 | Out now

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  • 01. The Right
  • 02. Author
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Image: the right packshot - single
Listen to: The Right
by Lou Barlow