Eugene McGuinness | RUG303 | Released: 27/10/08

Image: moscow state circus

Moscow State Circus is the brand new single from Eugene McGuinness, released on October 27th. It is the first single taken from his self-titled forthcoming album, out through Domino on 13th October.

Moscow State Circus is an upbeat, fast tempoed and infectious song full of joyous verve and unpredictability. The track builds and builds throughout its fabulous four minutes, with vocals and instruments added along the way to create an intense musical climax.

Moscow State Circus is a perfect introduction to the 22 year old’s forthcoming genre hopping album, which is gloriously out of time yet thoroughly modern, with one foot in reality and the other somewhere else entirely, where every silver lining has a cloud and one unexpected turn of phrase can lead you down a new musical rabbit hole.

The 7” is backed with And The City’s But A Giant Game Of Jenga, a more mellow, gentle, contemplative acoustic number.


Image: moscow state circus

RUG303 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Moscow State Circus
  • Side B
    01. And The City’s But A Giant Game Of Jenga