Wild Beasts | RUG278 | Released: 26/11/07

Image: Assembly Packshot

Assembly is an initiation, is a palm spat on and shook. Wild Beasts’ debut release on Domino is an absolutely joyous non-stop knee jerk expression of everything and anything forced through in a fully breached frenzy lasting less than three minutes. Like the traditional school hymn projected ten foot tall on the cement wall, but belted out bugger drunk in a backward Bethlehem, assembly is an unabashed assault on the middle ground. The mirror. Like a weary fox turning to face, the last chase, the hushed ditty hummed from the hospice. Sylvia, A Melodrama is at haggard heart, a perfect miniature, a faultless machine that moves unturned towards the inevitable. Everyman, our lady of the stair, our Queen Sylvia awaiting something that has long since left and boarded up it's door, her theme, her lament before the machine, rusty, grinds to its halt.


Image: Assembly Packshot

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  • Side A
    01. Assembly
  • Side B
    02. Sylvia, A Melodrama