Correcto | RUG267 | Released: 12/11/07

Image: Joni

Correcto are Danny Saunders on vocals, Patrick from The Royal We on bass, Richard Wright on guitar and Franz Ferdinand’s own Paul Thomson on drums. Inspired by fact, fiction, surrealism and the mundane; and with sounds reminiscent of the Buzzcocks, Kinks, Fall, Ramones, 'all the good stuff' as Danny puts it, Correcto is the best art school punk band that we’ve come across for some time.

Written by Danny before dashing out the door, his brain fizzing with Substitute by the Who, guilt and TV show I’m Celebrity Get Me Out Of here ('I would eat a fish eye, to have you by my side'), Joni is an instant classic - a direct, unhampered and infectious tune which will have you singing along in no time.