Animal Collective | RUG262 | Released: 11/08/07

Image: Peacebone Packshot

‘Peacebone’ is a whirligig of Animal Collective’s DNA. Clusters of synths, loping rhythms and lyrical bursts of high pitched wonder rushing to fall over each other. Imagine the teenage thrill of a drive-in movie that’s happening right now in a different dimension.

‘Peacebone’ is backed with an exclusive b-side, the epic ‘Safer’.


Image: Peacebone Packshot

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  • Side A
    01. Peacebone (Album Version)
  • 02. Peacebone (Black Dice Remix)
  • Side B
    03. Peacebone (Pantha Du Prince Remix)
10" EP

Image: Peacebone Packshot

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