King Creosote | RUG466T | Released: 27/05/12

Image: I Learned From The Gaels

Salutations, ye of striking visage and exquisite musical taste! Come hither and let us unravel this phonograph.

Let us tool ourselves up with the following clues:
1) This EP comes courtesy of King Creosote – alias hirsute Fife pop stud Kenny Anderson – and it’s backed by a posse of superhot minstrels that spans a BBC songbird, a northern star and a bygone Iron Maiden moonlighter.
2) These songs were written in the East Neuk of Fife, in the year of our monarch 2010, and it was, says our subject, "probably spring." Except for track four, but we’ll come to that later.
3) This vinyl is the product of a Scottish East Coast education: it is borne from the gals, the gales, the Gaels and the guile that derives from a lifetime’s overindulgence thereof.

These are our means of charting KC’s latest revolution.

Are you ready? Let’s Go.


Image: I Learned From The Gaels

RUG466T | Out now

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  • 01. Doubles Underneath
  • 02. Near Star, Pole Star
  • 03. Single Cheep
  • 04. Little Man