The Count and Sinden | RUG370 | Released: 15/08/10

Image: After Dark Packshot

Mega Mega Mega, the much anticipated debut album from The Count & Sinden, is ready for release this summer on 23rd August 2010. Mega Mega Mega is a meeting of minds between two friends - both producers and DJs in their own right - collating their vast range of musical influences. This was an album The Count (aka Hervé) & Sinden simply had to make.

Proceeding the full-length, Domino will be releasing the first single "After Dark" (featuring Mystery Jets) on the 16th of August. The B-side features The Count's "Afterdub Mix".


Image: After Dark Packshot

RUG370 | Out now

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  • 01. After Dark - feat. Mystery Jets
  • 02. The Count's Afterdub Mix