Threatmantics | DS013 | Released: 20/10/08

Image: big man

For those new to the three-piece, Threatmantics are a rock and roll band from Cardiff. However, they are not quite like other rock and roll bands. This is mainly and probably due to their lead guitar being a viola and their drummer and keyboardist being the same person. At the same time.

Featuring distorted vocals from lead singer (and viola player) Heddwyn Davies, loud skuzzy guitars from Ceri Mitchell and lusty drumming from Huw Davies, Big Man is a three minute disjointed foot-stomping corker.

Having released two singles so far (Don’t Care - on the Ciwdod label - and Sali Mali - on AM) this is Threatmantics’ first release for Double Six Records, and is a nice taster of what their forthcoming LP will bring.