Dirty Projectors | RUG322T | Released: 31/05/09

Image: stillness is the move

The “Stillness Is The Move” 12inch single is the first new Dirty Projectors release since 2007’s critically acclaimed album Rise Above. It also marks their debut for Domino Records. The band formed around David Longstreth in 2002 and has hosted a variety of different collaborators. The group now consists of Angel Deradoorian, Amber Coffman, Brian Mcomber and David as principal members. “Stillness Is The Move” was recorded in the fall of 2008 in Portland, OR and Brooklyn, NY as part of the sessions for the forthcoming full length album, Bitte Orca, out June 9th. The 12inch includes the b-sides “Wave The Bloody Shirt” & “Bitte Bitte Orca”, a Lucky Dragons Remix, and an A Cappella mix of the single.


Image: stillness is the move

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