Max Tundra | RUG156 | Released: 19/04/03

Image: cabasa

It's difficult to think of an eccentric, episodic, rhythmically frenetic, seven and a half minute long epic quite as happily unacademic as this (well not since Tom & Jerry The Movie anyway...) - but then 'Cabasa' is no ordinary song. The dancefloor is destroyed around the 4 minute mark and that's before the vocals kick in, let alone the Ben-Folds ne, Chas n Dave finale!! But wait....this incredible 12" isnt just about 'Cabasa' you know....there is the uplifting, hands in the air, stormin' 'Carimeron' and the one that never, never fails to impress - a cover of Paul McCartney's 'Coming Up', a regular feature at recent Max Tundra gigs, and, we promise you, nothing short of utter genius!