Test Icicles | RUG210 | Released: 26/06/06

Image: spank rock remix

Upon its release towards the end of 2005, Circle. Square. Triangle' with its demented, energy-fuelled three minutes of madness cemented the feeling among many that Test Icicles were set to be the future of gonzoid teen-rock. Obsessive legions of fans, pin up looks, genre-defying genius and the aura of genuine stars, they were the future sound of the UK underground. Now we are left devoid of the wonderful world of Rory, Sam and Dev, ready for a swathe of imitators and homages to try and fill the huge void they have left, but take solace in this devilish new remix of 'CST' by another of the most refreshing and exciting bands of 2006 - Spank Rock. Their producer XXXchange has fired in a noised-up dancefloor version, the rasping vocals providing the meeting point of an assault from all angles, bolting rave synths and breakbeats on to the Pantera-meets Beastie Boys blueprint.