Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | RUG230 | Released: 24/07/06

Image: cursed sleep

'Cursed Sleep' is from the forthcoming album THE LETTING GO - the first Bonnie ''Prince'' Billy all-new, all-solo (with band) music album since 2003's MASTER AND EVERYONE. The title track of this single is smooth, elegant and assured, with every bit of tangled hair in place. Swaggering in vocally with a hitherto unknown quality and with a gang of string players in tow (the long-haired kind!), Bonnie receives harmonies alternately cute, cool and ballsy from on of his (and our) favourite singers, Dawn 'The Faun' McCarthy. Sweet melody abounds, as it should for an advance look into a mind-blowing new album. And the rest- Eyes fleshing, 'The Signifying Wolf' shuffles discordant through a snake-pit of questions, declamations and undulations - a dance we're all familiar with, so grab a butt-plug and jump on in. The conga line forms to the rear. As always, when it's all through, there's 'God's Small Song' to be sung - red-eyed and feeling no pain. Redemption, anyone? Sorry kiddo - this is Bonnie's record and he'll feel peace when he's damned good and ready.


Image: cursed sleep

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  • 01. Cursed Sleep
  • 02. The Signifying Wolf
  • 03. God's Small Song

Image: cursed sleep

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  • Side A
    01. Cursed Sleep
  • Side B
    01. The Signifying Wolf
  • 02. God's Small Song