Archie Bronson Outfit | RUG221 | Released: 27/02/06

Image: dart for my sweetheart

"Dart For My Sweetheart" is one of the outstanding cuts from the ABO's excellent second album Derdang Derdang, created in an intensive writing and recording spell in London and Nashville. "We went music crazy for a while," says singer Sam. "We'd get up, have coffee and stumble straight into Dor's bedroom and start playing. We played for weeks and weeks." A long editing period followed to hone the mountain of material they'd accumulated. Just as they were waiting to fly to Nashville to record, they came up with Dart. "We felt we'd finished writing but because we were relaxed and excited about recording we kept on going." says drummer and lyricist Arp. "Dart came together really quickly when we arrived in Nashville and we knew it was strong. There's a nursery rhyme feel to the lyric, the counting stuff, though that's disguising something darker. The simple stuff has often taken a complex route to get there."


Image: dart for my sweetheart

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  • Side A
    01. Dart For My Sweetheart
  • Side B
    01. In the Shadow of Love