Archie Bronson Outfit | RUG228 | Released: 02/07/06

Image: dead funny

Greetings, pop pickers. Say hallelujah for another succulent chunk of R&D (that's Rhythm & Dada) from South London's swamp-dwelling crowd-pleasers, Archie Bronson Outfit. 'Dead Funny' is a rollicking tale of oral pleasure, manic depression and disco dancing, written during a period of intense R&D (that's research & development), prior to capturing its raw-boned fonk in Nashville with producer Jacquire King.

It's just one of a dozen prime cuts you'll find on the ABO's most excellent second album 'Derdang Derdang' which has received a host of rave reviews. ''There's a bit of a theme running through the album of kicking off the shackles and dancing, letting go and having some fun,'' says Arp Cleveland, the Archies' lyric writer and man behind the skins. ''I think it's most explicit in Dead Funny, which is about clinging to sex in a shaky relationship and being lost in a chemically imbalanced search for romance... but perversely enjoying the struggle and celebrating it!'' With its pendulum bassline and prison-door guitars, seasoned with a dash of distorted vibrophone, Dead Funny is also one of the highlights of their stomping live set, which has just been cutting a swathe across Europe in support of the album's release.


Image: dead funny

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  • Side A
    01. Dead Funny
  • Side B
    01. Firehorse