Test Icicles | RUG224 | Released: 24/04/06

Image: dig your own grave

Their genre-munching, zeitgeist-shagging world may be drawing to a suitably dramatic close, but Sam E. Slaughter, Raaary Decihells and Dev Metal still have a few special moves up their sleeves. �Dig Your Own Grave� collects up a fistful of unreleased versions, a couple of raw as ufck demos and some deviant remixes of tracks from 2005s most talked about album �For Screening Purposes Only�, spitting them out of your speaker box by way of farewell. Opening up with Raary�s RIP mix of Pull The Lever, possibly the only example of what could be called a laid back bridge in Test Icicles� short history, the band loads Thriller-esque horror samples into the raging pit of guitars and comic book screams. Which leads nicely into an unreleased and electronically mashed version of Your Biggest Mistake with the immortal lines �Now I�m losing time, someone press rewind, I guess I really messed up this time.� Dev�s own mix of All You Need Is Blood becomes a stomping metal ADD-anthem, and the previously unavailable Stuck In The Bend lurches out with Raaary taking up vocal duties. Test Icicles very own remix sidekick Jitset resprays Pull The Lever with a dubstep-meets-minimal clicktrack, sirens and car crashes galore � surely Miami Vice�s soundtrack if it was filmed in Dalston� Also featuring on the CD are two demos recorded on the band�s 4-track back in summer 2004, and an insane post-punk reworking of Circle Square Triangle by the sure-footed Chromehoof.