Psapp | RUG232 | Released: 17/09/06

Image: hi

'Hi' is a song that perfectly typifies Psapp's bric-a-brac musical world. A key turns, a door shuts, and a rhythm track emerges from what appears to be a painstakingly assembled selection of shelves, floorboards and cutlery, Marimbas, rich harmonies, and peculiar lyrics about limpets, abacuses, horses and more effortlessly evolve into an addictive oddball piece of pop. It's a seemingly haphazard philosophy that is summed up on the more electronic B-Side Apple Block. ''I'd never make a tidy person, when order matters least'', sings Galia amid the beeps and clicks of a child's mobile. PsappÂ’s signature bric-a-brac theme continues with the animated video for the Hi as all manner of household and studio objects break out into a riot of choreographed dance sequences reminiscent of a 1930's Busby Berkeley musical.


Image: hi

RUG232 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. Hi
  • Side B
    01. Apple Block