Clearlake | RUG233 | Released: 06/08/06

Image: light outside
You’ve sat up all night talking to someone you like and now it's getting light outside. Thus, Clearlake close their brilliant, turbulent third album, Amber, with a heartening ray of sunshine. And now it's their latest single. Rolling in on a tom-tom pulse that might have suited the Shangri-Las, strings that are part Elgar, part Bollywood, and an upbeat lyric about enjoying an old friend's company, 'It's Getting Light Outside' is one of the Hove group's most vibrant, accessible releases to date. Frontman Jason Pegg thinks it may be his favourite song on Amber: ''I had the idea in America and was going to save it for the next record but was so excited by it I had to get it right for this one. I suppose you could call it a platonic love song.''

Image: light outside

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  • Side A
    01. It's Getting Light Outside
  • Side B
    01. Chemically Free