Four Tet | RUG169 | Released: 03/05/04

Image: my angel rocks back and forth

This is the final single to be taken from 'Rounds', Kieran Hebden's soulful and seamless instrumental blending of jazz, folk and hip hop worlds (within worlds). Four Tet's first DVD is a beautiful collection of all of his videos so far: 'No More Mosquitoes', 'She Moves She', 'As Serious As Your Life' and 'My Angel Rocks Back And Forth'. Amongst the audio tracks is a 'My Angel...' remix by Icarus, an Isambard Khroustaliov mix of 'First thing/Chia', as well as exclusive new recordings, 'I've got Viking in me' and 'All the chimers'. The 12'' version also features these brand new tracks and mixes.


Image: my angel rocks back and forth

RUG169T | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth (album version)
  • 02. My Angel Rocks Back And Forth (Four Teas On English Time - Icarus Remix)
  • 03. First Thing/Chia (The Space Between 3 and 7 - Isambard Khroustalov Remix)
  • Side B
    01. I've Got Viking In Me
  • 02. All The Chimers