(Smog) | RUG227 | Released: 12/06/06

Image: rock bottom riser

Two heavy, heavy cuts from A River Ain�t Too Much To Love open this disc which also includes their accompanying videos. The video for �I Feel Like The Mother Of The World� features Academy Award nominee (and swell gal!) Chloe Sevigny in a starring role and Bill Callaghan as supporting actor. The video for �Rock Bottom Riser� is a magical, animated feature that rings bells you forgot existed. The two-non-ARATMTL songs on this single were written for the album but not recorded until a few months later. They offer two more stepping stones within the riverbed. Recorded At Electrical Audio in the midst of the U.S. tour, they are glossier and deeper than the album cuts. �Bowery�, a pre-folk gospel song, shows that the river has been flowing long before we were born and the death it causes comes from that same pre-birth, pre-folk period. �Fools Lament� (note the lack of apostrophe) is a countrypolitan romp full of bon sequitirs that somehow manages to tear and gash at one with the power of a lion at play.