Bonnie 'Prince' Billy | RUG189 | Released: 17/10/04

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Originally a (dark) highlight from the second Palace Brothers album, Days In the Wake, the Bonnie ''Prince'' has returned to 'No More Workhorse Blues', for this lush re-recording. Extracted from the recently outrageous Greatest Palace set, this time Bonnie is armed with friends (David Berman, Hargus Robbins, Andrew Bird, Mark Fain, Bruce Watkins, Mike Johnson, and Stuart Duncan) who will join him when he declares: "I am a rich man I am a very rich man I have good pants on stitched and stitched" And, also, when he declares: "I am no more a workhorse I am no more a workhorse I am no more a workhorse I am no more a workhorse I am a grazing horse I am a grazing horse I am your favourite horse!" With friends like these, who needs workhorses?? 'No More Workhorse Blues' is an enhanced single, backed by two brand new B-sides, 'Ruby/'The Color Of My Dreams' (with Tweaker) and 'The Kiss', as well as a truly disturbing and original 'Workhorse' video by Harmony Korine (Gummo, Julian Donkey Boy, David Blaine Sky One news coverage). Whipping the asses of all others around him by continuing to provide his fans with new music at every opportunity, Bonnie's 'No More Workhorse Blues' follows August's 'Agnes' single, and precedes an upcoming album with Matt (Chavez/Zwaan) Sweeney, Superwolf, due in January. For work ethic alone, never mind his ''good pants on'', he should really be your favourite workhorse!


Image: workhorse

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  • 01. No More Workhorse Blues
  • 02. Ruby
  • 03. The Kiss
  • 04. No More Workhorse Blues Video