James Yorkston | RUG149 | Released: 01/01/03

Image: Sweet Jesus

Here's what James himself has to say about "Sweet Jesus": "I stumbled across the lyrics for this in a notepad on the way to my friend Kenny's house where we recorded this version. We had Kenny singing alongside me and playing accordion, and his brother Gordon shaking things and pitching in with a harmony every now and then. I wrote it about a girl I met while on tour in Ireland. I find coming up with melodies on the guitar fairly easy, but I never sit down to write lyrics, they either come off or they don't. I have notepads everywhere, in my pockets, with my guitars, beside my bed. I try and avoid revising the lyrics, I just hate songs where you can hear the machinery working, that sound contrived, middle-eights that go up a key and all that pish. I don't do middle eights."