V-Twin | RUG150 | Released: 01/01/00

Image: Swiss Air
'SWISSAIR' is a euphoric salute to teenage romance and corporate failure. 'SWISSAIR' is backed by two wild, psychedelicized mixes of album tracks by Neil Michael Hagerty (Royal Trux). 'K-DOE KICKED DA BUCKET' is a mix of 'THE EMPEROR'S DEAD', which is largely about the late New Orleans r'n'b legend Ernie K-Doe. Alex Chilton took the band to see Ernie K-Doe at Ernie's club in New Orleans early last year . It was by all accounts a stunning gig. They chatted with Ernie, and after listening to some of their songs he agreed to sing on 'Delinquency'. Unfortunately he died before they could work together. Ernie had changed his name by deed poll to Emperor Of The Universe. The lyrics talk about the New Orleans gig amongst other things.

Image: Swiss Air

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  • Side A
    01. Swiss Air
  • Side B
    01. K'doh kicked da bucket (Neil Hagerty mix)
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