Hood | RUG187 | Released: 08/11/04

Image: the lost you

Hood signpost the release of their forthcoming album with a new EP, The Lost You. The title track is a sonically incredible blast of fractured jittering rhythms, centred around cut-up samples of Robert Wyatt's voice.

Propelled along on a blistering beat, this densely-textured slab of adventure-pop is the first to be taken from the band's upcoming album. It is backed here by 4 tracks exclusive to this EP. "The Lost You" stutters and stammers (a la Prefuse73) and even pauses for a fragment of dialogue from what appears to be an aborted live show: "The same problem as usual," declares a Germanic female voice, feeding back into Hood¹s own absorbing sense of melancholy. "You know that I don¹t ever have the time to witness the passing of these years," proclaims Cris(is), wearily, "I dedicate this day to you."


Image: the lost you

RUG187CD | Out now

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  • 01. The Lost You
  • 02. You Can't Breathe Memories
  • 03. The Rest Of Us Still Care
  • 04. By Island Lake (excerpt)
  • 05. Over The Land Over The Sea
2 X 7"

Image: the lost you

RUG187 | Out now

Out of Stock
  • Disc 1

  • Side A
    01. The Lost You
  • Side B
    01. You Can't Breathe Memories
  • Disc 2

  • Side C
    01. The Rest Of Us Still Care
  • Side D
    01. By Island Lake (excerpt)
  • 02. Over The Land Over The Sea