Hood | RUG188 | Released: 01/05/05

Image: The Negatives
The second single from the brand new Outside Closer LP is one of the real highlights from a record of dizzying beauty. 'The Negatives' is Hood at the peak of their slanted pop songwriting success. Melding together elements of disco, pastoral folk and the most exquisite beats, the band have compressed their trademark sound into a brave new statement of intent. It's lush.

Image: The Negatives

RUG188CD | Out now

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  • 01. The Negatives
  • 02. Squint in the First Light of Day
  • 03. The Sad Decline of Home
  • 04. The Negatives (video)

Image: The Negatives

RUG188 | Out now

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  • Side A
    01. The Negatives
  • Side B
    01. The Negatives (Version)