Test Icicles | RUG223 | Released: 06/03/06

Image: grime remixes

London�s favourite noise machines Test Icicles team up with some time touring partner and equally raw as f*ck MC Lethal B (and his Fire Camp) and the Ruff Sqwad on two limited remixes of tracks from their acclaimed debut LP �For Screening Purposes Only�. Equally influenced by grime and hip hop as by the punk and hardcore they are more obviously known for, the energy of the album and the sheer mania of their live shows were the sources of inspiration for this fresh and dirty soundclash. Boa Vs Python was the first single released by the band last August, screaming with Beastie Boys tourette-isms and Pantera riffs, making it the perfect source for a Fire Camp/Statik respray. With band friend Jitset at the helm Catch It becomes a sneering, lurching monster with the Icicles chorus kept intact over an 80s car chase synth and Ruff Sqwad�s on point hardcore rhyming. Its like Run DMC / Aerosmith for 2006�